• Teacher Qualifications

    According to the federal legislation, you may request and review information from the school district regarding the professional qualifications of your child's teachers. The information you may request includes the following:

    • Has the teacher met state qualifications and certification requirements for the grade level and subject he/she is teaching?
    • Has the teacher received an emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived?
    • What undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration?

    You may also ask whether your child receives help from a paraprofessional. If your child receives this assistance, we can provide you with information about the paraprofessional's qualifications.

    Our staff is committed to helping your child develop the academic knowledge and critical thinking he/she needs to succeed in school and beyond. That commitment includes making sure that all of our teachers and paraprofessionals are highly skilled.

    If you have any questions about your child's assignment to a teacher or paraprofessional, please contact Stacie Ilgen at 320.352.2258 ext. 4000.