FFA members
  • FFA Members 2018-2019

    Left to Right  Back Row: Tyler Peters, Vincent Marthaler, Mitchell Christen, Simon Marthaler, Jordan Hartmann, Bradley Groetsch, Miles Walter, Zach Reugemer, Cole Engle, Ben Eeckoff. Middle Row: Katelyn Groetsch, April Marthaler, Julia Marthaler, Ethan Geordt, Jacob Reugemer, Owen Middendorf, Kaleb VanHavermaet, Brent Berndt.  Front Row: Ms. Middendorf, Sarah Middendorf, Holly Zwack, Savanna Marthaler, Zach Middendorf, Erica Middendorf, Natalie Berndt, Alex Christen, Briana Middendorf.  Not Pictured: Malory Ranta. 

    FFA Advisor:  Tami Middendorf

What is FFA

  • FFA is a organization in high school where students can learn about agriculture even if they live in town. They go to career development events to test their knowledge on what they have leaned and studied. They can go as a team or individually. They go against other students from different school in their region, which is divided by the location of their town. If they do well and get good scores on the test they have a chance to compete at the FFA State Convention against other schools across Minnesota. They can earn scholarship money and learn the importance of leadership and friendships.

    They meet a variety of different people and create friendships with people from different towns. These friendships will be a lifetime bond which will last a lifetime. FFA is an organization which anyone can join and feel like they belong no matter what.