• #ForwardTeam mission strives to recognize students that go above and beyond to show their Streeter Pride. The #ForwardTeam goal is to promote a positive culture inside and outside our school building.

    Qualities of a #ForwardTeam member includes:

    Showing exceptional leadership and outstanding representation of our core values, which includes being respectful, responsible, and safe.

    When students become a #ForwardTeam member, they are being recognized by staff for their outstanding leadership and will receive a #ForwardTeam Streeter shirt.



Degrees and Certifications:

#ForwardTeam Contact Information

If you have questions or are interested in supporting #ForwardTeam please contact:

Gretchen Christen - gretchen.christen@isd743.org

Matt Middendorf - matt.middendorf@isd743.org

Lindsey Kuefler - lindsey.kuefler@isd743.org