English Learning Program

  • The English Learning Program (EL) at Sauk Centre Public Schools provides English learning opportunities for students who speak languages other than English. The mission of our EL Program is to promote English language acquisition and academic success while honoring each student's home language and culture. We strategically employ a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of each English Learner.

    At the elementary level, service is provided through pullout and inclusion. Secondary level service is provided as a class within the student's schedule. The EL teachers and classroom teachers work collaboratively to plan instruction that is most beneficial for the academic and language needs of the students. Instruction is given in the four modalities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

    The EL staff members include Nikki Linscheid, EL Teacher, and EL Paraprofessionals Nancy Cervantes and Dora Lastra. If you would like more information, please contact Amy Millard, Elementary Principal, at (320) 352-6521.

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