• Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to prepare all students to be responsible, self-directed learners, who respect others, achieve excellence, and contribute to society.


    Belief Statements:

    • Curriculum - Provide a variety of classroom settings and curricular offerings that give every student the opportunity to learn and be successful.

    • School Environment - Establish a safe and nurturing school environment that provides guidance and support for students and staff.

    • Respect - Teach each student to respect the beliefs, rights, and differences of others by accepting diversity, displaying courtesy, and showing appreciation.

    • Responsibility - Teach each student personal responsibility and an understanding of the impact of his or her actions and decisions.

    • Standards - Establish high expectations in order to attain quality achievement from students and staff.

    • Community - Provide a partnership in education, emphasizing the shared responsibility between school and community.

    • Technology - Integrate technology as a resource and tool for teaching and learning to prepare each student for participation in an ever changing society.