• Who: Juniors interested in taking CIS courses and Seniors who need to take the test in order to be admitted to a college.

    What: The ACCUPLACER is a computer based assessment used to determine your level of readiness for college courses. Each section of the test can be administered seperately so you do not need to take all portions of the test. You will recieve your results imediatly.

    Where: For the CIS courses the exam will be administered in the Jr high tech center. For college entrance the test is typically administered at the college.

    When: Several testing opportunities will be offerd at school throughout the year. If you need to take the ACCUPLACER as the entrance exam for a college you must contact them to schedule a test.

    Why: It is comonly used as an entrance exam for many 2 year and technical colleges use the ACCUPLACER as their entrance exam. At Sauk Centre we use the Math and Reading assment to register students for CIS courses.