Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I register my child to participate?

    A: For information on how to register your student click HERE!


    Q: How often must a student athlete have a physical?

    A: Sauk Centre requires a physical once every three years. Click here for the PHYSICAL FORM.


    Q: Are there any participation fees?

    A: 2019-2020 fees can be found HERE


    Q: How do grades affect participation in sports/activities?

    A: As outlined in the STUDENT HANDBOOK:

    The following rules govern academic eligibility:

    • A student who receives a failing grade on the quarter report card in any course will lose eligibility for a minimum of two weeks or two contests, whichever is greater. This penalty will begin on the Monday following the mailing of report cards. This applies to interscholastic competition, events, contests, or public appearances. Preschool competition will be counted. This period of eligibility applies to the current season, and/or the season starting prior to the end of the next grading period. It also applies to fall activities if the student failed a course the previous fourth quarter.
    • Any student wishing to regain eligibility must provide the office with the correct form, including instructor signatures, verifying that the student is passing all classes.
    • A student may apply for eligibility at any time following the two week penalty.
    • Academic eligibility rules apply to each of the school sponsored activities listed below.
      • Activities
        • All athletics
        • Band/Choir
        • Speech/Drama/Theatre
        • FFA

    Q: What are the consequences for an athlete who recieves a chemical tag or other MSHSL infraction?

    A: As outlined in the STUDENT HANDBOOK:

    • During the calendar year or during the season of practice, play or rehearsal, regardless of quantity, a student shall not use or possess a beverage containing alcohol, use or possess tobacco, or use or consume, have in possession, buy, sell, or give away marijuana or any substance defined by law as a drug. It is not a violation for a student to be in a possession of a legal defined drug specifically prescribed for the student's own use by his or her doctor.
      • This applies to all students in grades 7-12
      • Activities
        • Band/Choir
        • FFA
        • Theatre/Drama
        • Other appropriate activities as determined by principal.
    • Penalty for rules violations shall be loss of eligibility for one contest, event, and/or public appearance or two weeks, whichever is greater. Penalties will be doubled for additional violations.
    • Review of alleged violations - The building principal shall investigate for the facts and render a decision within a reasonable time of alleged violation(s). 


    Q: What is the best way to stay on top of schedules and any possible changes?

    A: Bookmark