Guidelines for Medications at School


    It is not the responsibility of the school or its employees to prescribe drugs, medications or home remedies. Medications should be administered at home under the supervision of the parent/guardian when possible. However, some students require administration of medications during the regular school day. In those situations, the following procedure will be followed:

    Parent/Guardian Needs to Bring the Medication to School

    Physician Order for Medication and Parent/Guardian Authorization
    Before any medication will be dispensed by school staff, a Physician Order for Medication and Parent/Guardian Authorization form signed by the parent/guardian of the student must be on file with the school health secretary. The forms are available from the school health secretary.

    Prescription Medications
    Prescription medications must be provided in an original pharmacy container with a current label. Prescription medications brought to school in any other container will not be administered. Questions regarding dosage and administration of the medications will be directed to the prescribing physician or the parent/guardian, at the discretion of the school staff. Medications will be administered after questions have been resolved.

    Over-the-Counter Medications
    Parent/guardians must complete and sign an Authorization of Administration of Medication form before school staff will administer over-the-counter preparations. Over-the-counter preparations must be provided in the original labeled container. Over-the-counter preparations will only be administered to a student according to the label directions, unless contrary written directions from a physician are provided.

    Physician Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication
    For prescriptions or over-the-counter medications that are carried by the student for self-administration, a Physician Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication form must be completed by the physician and signed by the parent/guardian.

    Sharing of Medications Prohibited
    Students may not share prescription or over-the-counter medications with other students. Appropriate disciplinary action may be taken if necessary, upon the determination by the principal or his/her designee, after investigation that a violation of this policy has taken place.

    Unused Medications
    When use of a medication has ceased or is no longer needed by the student, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to retrieve unused medications from the school. Any unused medications will be disposed of by the school upon the written request of the parent/guardian or at the end of the school year.