SC Code Club

Welcome to our Coding Club!

  • Our coding club is open to students in grades 5-8.  We meet after school 1 night each week to explore and develop our skills in computer science and coding.

    Our program will use a number of online coding resources to help us learn about coding -, Raspberry Pi Code Club, and Google's CS First. Sometimes we'll all work on similar coding activities; other times club members will have the opportunity to explore alternatives on their own.


    Week 2 (Feb 12 and 13)
    This week we'll start for REAL!  We're going to SWITCH Passports and use our STORYTELLING CLUB.  We'll be using ACTIVITY 1.

    Link to today's activity

    Week 1 (Feb 5 and 6)
    Club members will explore CSFirst and complete an introductory lesson using SCRATCH. Scratch is a coding tool developed by really smart people at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

    Link to today's activity.