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Sheila Flatau, Secondary Principal

  • Sheila Flatau, Secondary Principal

    Life Lessons


    “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” ~American Indian proverb


    Our mission at Sauk Centre Secondary is “to prepare all students to be responsible, self-directed learners, who respect others, achieve excellence, and contribute to society”.


    Additionally, we envision a school . . .

    • Where all students are engaged and instilled with a passion for life-long learning.
    • Where the climate is respectful and fosters a sense of responsibility in our global community.
    • Where students acquire basic knowledge as well as the life skills of problem-solving, communication, and collaboration through curricular and technological opportunities.

    While we focus a lot of our time and energy helping students become college or career ready, I am excited to report that we have an upcoming project that will build upon our vision to foster a sense of responsibility to our global community. With the help of a Community Foundation 2016 Spark Plug Grant, we will be implementing an organics recycling program and revitalizing our current recycling efforts throughout the entire district.

    Jamie Jennissen, former student and 2014-15 Miss Sauk Centre, approached me about considering an organics recycling program after she had completed extensive research as part of a college paper. Jamie discovered that area districts such as Alexandria, Osakis, and Minnewaska, had recently begun recycling organics and had great results in decreasing their overall trash waste destined for area landfills. After speaking with Jamie and hearing about the benefits, I began the process of exploring this implementation.

    We are currently working with Doug Lien from the Tri-County Solid Waste Management Commission to get this program started at Sauk Centre Public Schools. Doug has visited our school, observed our cafeteria procedures, and met with administration. We will have student leadership groups help educate our student body on the benefits and process of organics recycling during lunch as well as overall recycling practices throughout the school. Doug helped us identify where improved signs and containers will have a great impact on increasing recycling and reducing trash.

     We hope our students learn a valuable life lesson about caring for our environment and bring this awareness to all facets of their lives. We are a global community and when we work together for a greater good we can truly make a positive difference in our world.

    Your partner in learning,
    Sheila Flatau