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Creative Cooking Class Holds "Iron Chef" Competition

Students in the Creative Cooking class participate in an "Iron Chef" competition.  Each team received a bag with the "secret ingredient" and, after watching a clip from the beginning of Iron Chef show, they opened their bag to reveal the secret item.  Instead of preparing the food immediately due to the time constraints of the class period, student teams had 25 minutes to find a recipe that could be prepared in one class hour.  Mrs. Goodwin purchased the needed ingredients and students prepared the food - as far as they want to go with it.  On the third day, student teams had 20 minutes to finish up their preparations including plating and garnishing.  Final meals were presented to the judges who evaluated the food for taste, visual appearance, and creativity.
This quarter the secret ingredient was a staple  - beans.

The  class was very surprised how many recipes there were and that they could be good!!

Winners were:  1st Place - Mackenzie Meyer and Beth Middendorf, 2nd- Emily Frericks and Kendra Middendorf and 3rd Place - Gage Graeve and Elijah Steinemann.
Creative Cooking Iron Chef winners