Is transportation provided?

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No, at this time transportation for 3-year-old children is not being provided. We recommend carpooling or using the Tri-Cap city bus.

*If you plan to utilize the Tri-cap city bus please set this up as soon as possible. Bus space is limited so the sooner you can call them to set it up the better.* 

Messsage from Tri-Cap
Tri-CAP is committed to providing transportation to as many schoolchildren as we can safely transport.  With the enormous number of requests that came in throughout the summer and into the fall last year, we faced many dilemmas in meeting student needs due to late requests, bus capacity and route efficiency.

In order to accommodate as many schoolchildren as possible, we are making an active effort to streamline our process by having a deadline for our student transportation requests.

Transportation is provided by a public transit service, this is not a guaranteed service, transportation schedules and routes are based upon capacity and mileage. Every request will be examined for route feasibility. Tri-CAP strongly recommends any parent/guardian interested in public transit for their child to request transportation as early as possible. If you have not returned the forms prior to the deadline, they will not be considered until after the initial route development, with no guarantee your child will have a seat on the bus.  Out of town addresses will be considered for feasibility and determined if they can be included on the route.

Please make your request to:
Thank you!

Rhonda Torgersen
Fleet Operations Manager
Tri-CAP Transportation
(320) 251-1612
(320) 257-4452 Direct